The big food companies want you addicted to sugar, meat, additives. They make you think that there is no alternative to plastic. That it's okay to modify, torture and kill billions of animals, with emotions and pain and a will to live. It is the "human" way. They make you feel that it's your fault that you are unhealthy, overweight, or have a chronic illness. They make you look the other way when they bulldozer our forests. Deplete our oceans. Occupy and poison our land. They want you to ignore the devastating breakdown of our planet. The leading role they play in this. They want you to ignore the science. The solutions. They want you to believe that it's too hard to change.

It's not. They may have money, power and connections. We have technology, values and community. Join us! We’re on the lookout for creative, autonomous, and relentless builders willing to bring all they've got to disrupt and rebuild this very broken industry.